Alchemy A/W 2019
Alchemical elements
 The Symbol for Alchemy is the Ouroboros, the snake eating it's own tail. Alchemy is defined as taking something ordinary and making it become extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.  
Each morning, no matter what the previous day has held, I wake to the possibility of magic, alchemy, in any given moment. To do this, one has to be awake, open and receptive, neither looking forward nor tarrying to the past. The potential for each moment to be viewed as ordinary or extraordinary lies within our seeing, I make pieces to help manifest this way of seeing. We have been bombarded in mainstream media with ideas of mindfulness, yoga and meditation, it is within each of us to take these and other tools to our ultimate understanding of the self and the self in relation to the world.
What if by our own discipline and study we could turn both our suffering and joy into serenity. If we could create a balance between both extremes that lands us in awareness, we would see each as one in the same and practice a detachment to both.
The pieces in this collection of reimagined antiques have been inspired by these thoughts. This collection as each of our collections can be used as talismans to hold intention, to define or focus thought.
I want to create mindfully, re-using existing pieces in combination with additions of small scale sculptures utilizing local craftsman and local foundries, creating a minimal carbon footprint.
I want to tell the stories of these objects and their juxtapositions to the new additions, creating a context for the collector.

love me twice (repurposed altered 14k gold antique wedding band)

Air Element (Antique wand, yellow resin, gold filled disc air element engraving)

Our winters are deep and cold, the warmth created by fires, book reading and Serge Gainsbourg and his ilk keep the heat going. The physical practice of yoga and meditation calm the mind and soften the body into opening. Mornings bring wild violet orange sunrises streaked  across an urban roofline.  And my mind's eye takes a forest walk covered in a canopy of emerald green hues. 
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emerald hues in fairydust bands
Pleiadian pendant
Champleve Enamel has been used to create the deep blue night sky of the Pleiadian constellation.
"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper"
- W.B. Yeats


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