The Gold of I Am

Dance though you're broken open, move the body to move the mind. I have always felt that movement worked through the most stuck places in the body to free the thoughts from suffering. That if I danced or  practiced yoga I could move past the conscious binds that held me to familial beliefs or social standards, if I literally expressed in my body I would crack open and all that didn't serve me would just pour out. I could witness all that was not me, all that was imposed thought upon me, all that I empathically drew into me and assumed was mine.
I move imagining myself as if shattering to the floor, emptying, resting, and then repairing and filling back up with me.
There is a practice of this exact interpretation, it is called  Kitsungi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery, with gold.
This practice of reparation looks at the newly created pottery as being more beautiful than the perfect piece that it had been before the break. Kitsungi, part of the larger Japanese aesthetic called Wabi Sabi sees beauty in the juxtaposition of perfection to imperfection and transience. In Wabi Sabi, a perfect zen garden must have a few leaves sprinkled haphazardly across an immaculately created rake design to be more beautiful. A face with imperfect features or carved lines of age show beauty through wisdom through contrast. Our notions of beauty are relative, in the west through marketing and social conditioning we are guided to be more sympathetic towards symmetry, perfection, shiny, new whole. This is not the case in the eastern aesthetic system of Wabi sabi, taken ultimately from the buddhist and zen philosophies of impermanence and emptiness.

Our wounds, our hurts, all these chips and cracks have the potential of being sealed together, repaired with the beauty of our growth, if we let them. I could leave all that was not my true nature, all that was on the floor and seal myself back up with the gold of my own energy, the gold of  I am, not what should be or what should not be.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

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