Uni Fairy band
Uni Fairy band
Uni Fairy band
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Uni Fairy band

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The Sea urchin is just as beautiful inside as it is outside, colored in pastel shades of green to lavender these porcupines of the sea have long held my love, amazing when I found a Venetian lampworked glass sphere that resembled the orange row of the sea urchin and thus was born the Uni band. A close cousin to our fairydust with silver shard this iteration holds the last scents of summer as we cross into fall and the quiet hibernation of winter. 

Gold plated deco band and watch case circa 1930's USA an original Gruen. Fits a smaller wrist 6" but we can always size to fit, just ask us.


The Fairydust band

Your non-functioning antique watch is a symbol, a talisman,

to hold the intention of staying present, neither dwelling in

the past nor looking toward the future. The fairydust inside

are mirror shards, a shattering of the superficial, a reminder

to always be your authentic self

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