To discover (something hidden, lost, or kept secret) by investigation, digging or searching.

Below the surface buried within let emerge the brilliant multi  faceted soul

This process of lost wax casting embeds sapphires, the only gem that can withstand the heat of molten gold,  suspended.

When the pieces are cast they are one of a kind, the sapphires organically shift and sometimes they stay, one must surrender to the process.

As such the sapphires sometimes need be “unearthed” found and gently opened to the light .

These pieces,this process, may not be a new discovery but the work, as symbol of deeper meaning speaks to me.

We  as individuals are these brilliant multi faceted beings that are layered over so much so that at times we know not, or have forgotten what brilliance lies within.  As a metaphor, a talisman, these pieces remind us to see the beauty deep within ourselves and all beings,  and to work determined to unearth this beauty in every moment.