Sustainability | Who we are and what we believe in

We do not create accessories that are mass produced, or even produced in small batches, instead we make talismans for intentional living.

We begin with a story we want to tell, a personal truth that though personal is a common thread for us all. We search for an original antique object that can embody this story.

•Our process mindfully upcycles the antique into a new piece, uniting intention with sustainability.

•Our Collection is sourced and created in a 15 mile radius of our home studio, making our carbon footprint minimal.

•Our vehicle to traverse back and forth zero emission electric.

•Our production practices non environmentally invasive, upcycling and manually altering each piece without toxic plating or water polluting.

•Our hand finishing minimizes chemical processes of finishing often employed today for faster more economical results.

The slower we create the more we are mindful to our environmental impact. 
Each creation represents the new definition of luxury.
Each piece is a multi layered, one of a kind, fine art object to be collected.




Who is the Artemisian?

Growing up in a family owned high-end women's boutique gave me my love for fashion, I dressed my first window at 13, designed a collection of reversible skirts and vests at 16 and lived to make a woman feel confident and beautiful. At 18 I went to art school for jewelry and left the faculty opting for the fine art of printmaking and bookmaking. Years later I turned once again to jewelry as my medium. My grandparents had left me with a shoebox full of vintage Mexican silver, some vintage watches and  my mother with a love for antique hunting, the first collection of pieces began to take shape and the Artemisian was born. Wanting to conserve and care for our world, a mother now, the stories for each piece became critical, as was the continued use of original antiques as the starting point for each new collection.  The Fairydust band was born as my first story and the collection of stories has grown to well over 30 now. Each story opens a world to the collector of potential awareness, awakening to the self. We are all on a journey, the resources to keep us on the path are all around, the talismans I create are one way to hold intentions. Don't mind while I float between mediums of writing, making jewelry and performance art.