Fairydust piccola round gold
Fairydust piccola round gold
Fairydust piccola round gold
The Artemisian

Fairydust piccola round gold

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Simply elegant, art deco vintage case and band in rolled gold plate, not the kind that wears off, vintage rolled gold has  nothing to do with our modern day "nailpolish" version of electroplating that with body acidity can wear off after a few short months. Rolled gold is like an Oreo cookie, creating a veritable sheet of 14k gold over the entire piece.

This one fits a 6.5"" wrist comfortably.


The Fairydust band

Your non-functioning antique watch is a symbol, a talisman,

to hold the intention of staying present, neither dwelling in

the past nor looking toward the future. The fairydust inside

are mirror shards, a shattering of the superficial, a reminder

to always be your authentic self

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